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Job hunt
Monday, July 20, 2015 | posted by Martha Therese

Day 5 - Best friend
Zyra is my best friend since high school, although we seldom see each other anymore, we still try to spill deets about our current activities, crushes, etc. :face5:


So as promised, here are the doodle requests of Riska, Pauline and Nikole! Thanks for the requests guys and I hope you like it! :face71:

Click on the image and then save.

So what do you think? Did I meet your expectations? :face17: Anyway, constructive criticisms, tips and suggestions are very welcome! If you want to change something, just comment on this post, ok? Don't worry, I can handle reactions. lol :face64:

Doodles for Clint, Patrish and Luanne will be posted tomorrow morning. Sorry guys, I just read your request earlier this morning. :face33: But if I have time to go online later, I'll post it here. :face57:

Again, if you guys want to request for doodles, feel free to comment on this post, ooh and don't forget to add details like color, name or no name, what name, or whatever details you wish to have on your doodles. Ooh one more thing, thought you all should know this, I always go online as early as 6am (Its a habit!) until 11am, so if you guys want your doodle to be posted here the next day after your date of request, you should request before 11am. :face49:

Thank you guys for the requests! I really appreciate that you guys give good feedbacks to my doodles. Thanks a lot! Im so HAPPY! :face64:


Lets go off the doodle requests, shall we? Earlier today, I signed up for JobsDB and Jobstreet to apply for HR related jobs. Hopefully employers can contact me as soon as possible because my mom and my grandma keeps on bugging me to find a job. :face13:

Anyway, my friend signed me up for an interview tomorrow at 3pm. Well honestly, Im a little hesitant to go because I am scared that it might rain so hard tomorrow because of the storm and I might get stranded! :face22: The last thing I want is to be left stranded on a place where I don't know a single person who lives near our village or house. Its the most uncomfortable feeling. :face32:

Anyway, whatever happens tomorrow, I'll just have to endure it.
Please no heavy :87::87: tomorrow!


Yay for Scotty McCreery! :face18:

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Crappy Morning
| posted by Martha Therese

Day 6 - Favorite book
Nicholas Sparks' book Dear John is my current favorite book right now, I dont know why but I keep reading it over and over. :face43:


Ugh. I feel like crap. :face30: I was up all night because of my noisy brothers and their friends trying to get drunk until 5am in the morning. :face16:Why do I have to feel like this today, on my first job interview? I know I still have time to sleep because the interview's not until 3pm but I still have a lot to do and I think I don't have that much time to take a nap or something. :face41: I hate this.

Man, I can't believe I just got two hours of sleep and here I am blogging so early. I swear, last night was one of the worst nights of all time. :face30: I woke up several times during the night, tried to cut out the noise by putting earplugs and spent quite awhile trying to doze off again but everything just didn't work out for me and now I feel that my body's under a lot of stress. :face59: And it sucks because I might feel so crappy and groggy later during the interview (God, I hope not). :face36:

Anyway, I did told my brothers several times to tell their friends to behave just a little. Oh and they did alright, but just for a few minutes. :face13: Ugh. Worst night ever!

PS: Good luck to me later! :face4:


Doodles for Patrish, Rhea, Luanne and Clint is up now! Thanks again guys for requesting and I really hope you like it. :face40:

Click the fruits beside your name and save!
PS: Pixels differ just in case you want to use it somewhere. :face15:

Again, if you want to change something, don't hesitate to comment on this post. :face40:

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